Student Shares an Inspiring Story

Posted by David Russell on

A group of young parents recently came in to take the Emergency Child Care First Aid training course, and they just shared a great story with us. We would love to share it with all of you to show the importance of First Aid and CPR training! 

"A Young Parent Program graduate from your Emergency Child Care First Aid training course recently witnessed a car accident on route to walking to school with her infant. Someone ran a stop sign and caused a head on collision with a another vehicle causing the front hood and other debris to fly off the car. The woman who was hit came running from the wreckage with an infant in her arms and holding her toddlers hand. Our Young Parent was first on the scene and immediately contacted 911 and was further able to identify that the woman was in shock and followed first aid protocol to assist her. She was also able to calm the children and clear the scene of bystanders as recommended while waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive to give her statement. Our Young Parent contends that it was due to the first aid training she received through your agency that she had the confidence and the knowledge to provide this helpful act. Thank you Life Preservers!"


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