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Life Preservers First Aid received some great feedback from one of our students this week, Jordan Ketting-Olivier, who is currently in training to become a police officer. He shared with us the story of a choking incident at a restaurant and how he was able to apply his skills learned to save a life.

Jordan took Standard First Aid Training with CPR/AED Level C this past weekend (October 2015) at Life Preservers First Aid. This course teaches you how to respond in emergency situations and covers instruction on prevention, recognition and treatment of life threatening emergencies.

He was working in a restaurant a few days after he completed the first aid training course when a woman began choking on a piece of bread. With the skills that Jordan learned in the course with Marty Wickham, he was able to immediately assess the situation and respond appropriately. Jordan not only had the skills, but also had the confidence to step in and save the woman's life.

Jordan truly believes that if he hadn't received the training from Life Preservers First Aid, he would not have been able to act, and consequently, would not have been able to save a life.

We were thrilled to hear that the application of the first aid training class helped Jordan in an emergency situation. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience Jordan! 

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Written by Marty Wickham — October 09, 2015

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