Real-life First Aid for a class at the City Library with Life Preservers First Aid!

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Real-life First Aid for a class at the City Library


Students had the opportunity to practice their first aid skills in a real-life scenario today at the City Library when a woman slipped and fell, injuring her hip. While class was ongoing, our instructor that day, was made aware of the situation and took his class outside for a real first aid experience. When they got to the scene, the class conducted the necessary initial first aid steps by calling 9-1-1, doing a primary and secondary survey of the situation and ensuring the woman suffered no other injuries. The students and the instructor tended to the woman's hip injury while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. City library staff were most appreciative that Life Preservers First Aid held class there that day and were the first on scene. Phil was glad to report that everyone passed the class that day...Well done LP Team!


Our Instructor's account:

At about 2 pm a librarian came in to get a chair for a lady that had collapsed outside. I asked if she would like it if I had a look, and when we got out the class and I found an elderly female sitting against someone's leg complaining of hip pain and being unable to get up. I did a quick primary survey determined that she had no neck or back pain but had a obvious injury to the left hip. With the help of the class we laid the lady down, performed a secondary survey and had another student stabilize her leg while 911 was being called. The other students brought out the first aid equipment and as we were preparing to secure the leg, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics took over.

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