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Real-life First Aid for a class at the City Library with Life Preservers First Aid!

Real-life First Aid for a class at the City Library


Students had the opportunity to practice their first aid skills in a real-life scenario today at the City Library when a woman slipped and fell, injuring her hip. While class was ongoing, our instructor that day, was made aware of the situation and took his class outside for a real first aid experience. When they got to the scene, the class conducted the necessary initial first aid steps by calling 9-1-1, doing a primary and secondary survey of the situation and ensuring the woman suffered no other injuries. The students and the instructor tended to the woman's hip injury while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. City library staff were most appreciative that Life Preservers First Aid held class there that day and were the first on scene. Phil was glad to report that everyone passed the class that day...Well done LP Team!


Our Instructor's account:

At about 2 pm a librarian came in to get a chair for a lady that had collapsed outside. I asked if she would like it if I had a look, and when we got out the class and I found an elderly female sitting against someone's leg complaining of hip pain and being unable to get up. I did a quick primary survey determined that she had no neck or back pain but had a obvious injury to the left hip. With the help of the class we laid the lady down, performed a secondary survey and had another student stabilize her leg while 911 was being called. The other students brought out the first aid equipment and as we were preparing to secure the leg, the ambulance arrived and the paramedics took over.

Written by Marty Wickham — July 21, 2016

Took This First Aid Training Just In Time!

Life Preservers First Aid received some great feedback from one of our students this week, Jordan Ketting-Olivier, who is currently in training to become a police officer. He shared with us the story of a choking incident at a restaurant and how he was able to apply his skills learned to save a life.

Jordan took Standard First Aid Training with CPR/AED Level C this past weekend (October 2015) at Life Preservers First Aid. This course teaches you how to respond in emergency situations and covers instruction on prevention, recognition and treatment of life threatening emergencies.

He was working in a restaurant a few days after he completed the first aid training course when a woman began choking on a piece of bread. With the skills that Jordan learned in the course with Marty Wickham, he was able to immediately assess the situation and respond appropriately. Jordan not only had the skills, but also had the confidence to step in and save the woman's life.

Jordan truly believes that if he hadn't received the training from Life Preservers First Aid, he would not have been able to act, and consequently, would not have been able to save a life.

We were thrilled to hear that the application of the first aid training class helped Jordan in an emergency situation. Thanks for sharing this amazing experience Jordan! 

Please visit Life Preservers First Aid If you would like to register for one of our classes.

Written by Marty Wickham — October 09, 2015

Program Feature - Lifeliner Newsletter October 2015

Life Preservers First Aid Inc. was recently featured by the Life Saving Sociey's monthly newsletter, the Lifeliner. This feature tells the story of Tommy Leung's experience with Life Preservers First Aid. Tommy is a student that came to us a few months ago asking if we would be able to accommodate his disability in our training courses. Tommy is completely blind, and we weren't going to let this prevent him from becoming certified.

See below for further information on Tommy's experience with Life Preservers First Aid!

"I quickly realized that he was just like all other students" 

Last month Tommy Leung was certified in Standard First Aid by First Aid Instructor Marty Wickham, the owner of Lifesaving Society Affiliate Life Preservers First Aid Inc Like the thousands of individuals who completed first aid training through the Branch last year, Tommy now has the skills to save a life. What makes Tommy unique is that he is completely blind.

We recently spoke to Tommy and Marty about their experience.

Have you taken a First Aid course before?

Tommy: This was my first time. I had looked into taking a course before however other legally blind people told me it would be difficult to find someone willing to meet my needs. I knew I would need to let the course provider know up front that I was blind so I was expecting there would be challenges. Initially, I called a couple of places regarding courses who never returned my messages or flat out said that they would not be able to teach me. I was glad when Life Preservers was open to trying this out even though it was their first time training someone who could not see.  

What was your experience in the course?

Tommy: At first Life Preservers wasn't sure if they were able to certify me but they told me to come to the course, try it out, get trained and see if I can meet the standard for certification. 

Going into the course I didn't know what to expect but I knew Marty would be open to helping and training me. Life Preservers had ensured that I would get more individual attention and even though I wasn't able to use the manual, I was provided with handouts that I could scan using my own software.

During the course there were a lot of hands-on elements and Marty made sure that all of the equipment was handed to me so that I could feel each item and know what was going on. During one activity we were broken into groups to put our ideas on poster paper. Marty read out all of the projects and was very descriptive of the drawings which made me laugh.

The other students were also very open and helpful. I had my guide dog, MacBeth, with me and the other students really loved dogs and came to say hi to him and I. During breaks and lunch some students who knew the area helped me take MacBeth outside.

How did you feel at the end of the course?

Tommy: I was excited to meet the standard and receive my certification. I feel that this course was a good confidence builder for me. I know what I can do given different situations. I know I could be calm and help out in any way I can.

What advice would you give to instructors when teaching students with visual impairments or special needs?

Tommy: I would tell instructors to keep an open mind. Going in I didn't know how it would work out. It worked because Marty was willing to work together with me to make it happen and was willing to answer any questions I had along the way. Getting resources ahead of time, especially electronically, can be very helpful as they can be adapted in many ways.

Would you recommend Lifesaving Society First Aid courses?

Tommy: I volunteer with an organization that serves youth with visual impairments. It would be great to arrange a first aid training session for them that may not include certification but would provide them with a great educational experience. It would be wonderful for everybody.

I would recommend this course to other people who take first aid. In 3 years when my certification expires I know I will come back and train with Marty at Life Preservers First Aid.

Marty Wickham (l), pictured with Tommy:  Head First Aid Instructor of Life Preservers First Aid Inc.

What was your experience teaching Tommy?           

Marty: I was a little apprehensive at first having Tommy in the class as I hadn't had a visually impaired student in my class previously. I wasn't sure about safety concerns as we had 12 students as well as how I would balance my teaching and attention to all students. Tommy was brilliant!! I quickly realized that he was just like all other students and just needed as much tactile learning as possible. I would show him once by letting him feel the manikins and he would repeat it right afterwards. Everyone loved having Tommy and MacBeth in the class.
What resources did you find most effective when teaching a student with a visual impairment?                   

Marty: I tried to put everything in Tommy's hands as we talked about it such as a pocket mask, Epi-pens, manikins, etc. I tried to be as graphic as possible in my descriptions and to speak slowly. I also checked in with him often. 
How did having Tommy and MacBeth in your class affect your other students?   

Marty: Tommy's classmates warmed up to him quickly. He was just like any other student. They helped me guide Tommy and MacBeth to the washroom and practice area. It was a very open and relaxed environment. 
In what ways did this challenge you as an instructor? 

Marty: Physically it wasn't a challenge as Tommy learned very tactically and I was always hands-on with him. Trying to make sure that I spoke slowly and descriptively while lecturing was very important. I learned that Tommy was just like all other students despite his impairment. I would be open to having other students with impairments in my class.

What advice would you give to other instructors looking to accommodate students with special needs? 

Marty: Treat impaired students as you would any other while keeping in mind their limitations. Give them a chance to learn as you would anyone else. Your students will rally and help as much as they can.

The full newsletter can be found here: Lifeliner Newsletter October 2015

If you have any further questions about Life Preservers First Aid, please give us a call at:         604-354-6199.


Written by Marty Wickham — October 02, 2015

Emergency First Aid - Vancouver

Pleae join us for an Emergency First Aid Class at one of our training centers in North Vancouver, Surrey or Burnaby.  

Emergency First Aid teaches you how to respond and manage in an Emergency Situation.  This is an 8 course that is offered multiple times per week and includes basic CPR and AED training.  Emergency First Aid is equivalent to Fitness First Aid and is accepted by the BCPRA and other fitness or personal training organizations.  Emergency First Aid also meets the requirements for injections with the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and is suitable for Pharmacists practicing in BC.

This course covers: Patient assessment;Heart Attack and Angina;Stroke and TIA;Major Bleeding;Shock;Minor Tissue Injuries and Burns;Respiratory Emergencies: asthma, aspiration, hyperventilation and anaphylaxis, including practice with the Twinject and Epipen.


Life Preservers First Aid ... your first choice for First Aid Training in North Vancouver, West Vancouver., Coquitlam, Surrey, Burnaby and all over the Lower Mainland.   Authorized Training Partner for Red Cross and Life Saving Society.


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Written by Marty Wickham — October 16, 2013

OFA Level 1 First Aid in the North Shore on Sunday Oct 20th 2013

Pleae join us for an OFA Level 1 First Aid class on Sunday Oct 20 in our North Vancouver location at 260 West Esplanade Unit 110.

Occupational First Aid - OFA1 also known as WEFA (Workplace Emergency First Aid) Level 1 is a recognized first aid course for work sites in British Columbia. All employers in B.C. must comply with the Workers' Compensation Board regulations except those which are federally regulated.

The Lifesaving Society has also obtained WorkSafeBC approval of an Occupational First Aid (OFA) Level 1 equivalent course to be known as Worksite First Aid Level 1 (WFA Level 1).

Life Preservers First Aid ... your first choice for First Aid Training in North Vancouver and West Vancouver.


Written by Marty Wickham — October 08, 2013

First Aid and CPR Training in Vancouver by Life Preservers First Aid

Do you know what to do if someone goes into Cardiac Arrest?

1.  Call 911.

2. Push HARD, Push FAST

3. You can't do any harm

 Watch this video on Staying Alive....


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Written by Marty Wickham — June 06, 2013

Why do I need take a course in CPR / AED?

The average ambulance repsonse time to an Emergency is 12 minutes.   Would you know what to do while waiting if your loved one needed CPR?

Did you know that the brain begins to die after 4 mins without oxygen?

Life Preservers First Aid Training can teach you in less than a day how to Save a Life.

Come take a basic CPR / AED course with Marty Wickham in Vancouver today.

We offer a variety of CPR certification and CPR recertification course all across the Lower Mainland.

Our CPR certification and recertification courses run almost daily to meet your needs.

by Marty Wickham - Red Cross Certified Training Partner and Instructor


Written by Marty Wickham — May 23, 2013

CPR, Red Cross Certified, CPR Recertifications

Knowing what to do in an emergency will always make you feel great! 

Whether you are a babysitter, job seeker or responsible citizen, you should learn how to recognize and respond to situations with a First Aid Course from Life Preservers First Aid Training.

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Written by Marty Wickham — May 20, 2013

Life Preservers First Aid Training Centre now open in North Vancouver

Come learn how to save a life with a one day Emergency First Aid class at Life Preservers First Aid Training Centre at 260 West Esplanade on the North Shore. Be Prepared and Ready to Act in an Emergency!

We also offer Standard First Aid and CPR Recertifications.


Written by Marty Wickham — May 19, 2013

Standard First Aid Certification

When providing First Aid, remember you are the most important person at the scene.   Check the scene for Fire, Wire, Gas, Glass and other hazards first.

Come take Standard First Aid at Life Preservers First Aid Training and Certification.  Your number one source for First Aid Training in Vancouver.


Written by Marty Wickham — May 12, 2013

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