Life Preservers First Aid Inc.

 Lives are saved everyday because people like yourself get involved.  Every year many people recognize and respond to emergency situations.  Some phone for help, some comfort the ill or injured person and some give First Aid.  One of the easiest and most important ways to respond is to call for help (9-1-1).  By making this call, you ensure that a highly trained medical professional arrives to care for the ill or injured person.   Be prepared for your next medical emergency by taking a First Aid or CPR class with Life Preservers First Aid Training and Certification.  Call 604-354-6199 to register for a Red Cross Certified training class in the Greater Vancouver Area today.  Be ready to Act!

Written by Marty Wickham — April 02, 2013

About Life Preservers First Aid Inc.

Life Preservers First Aid Inc. is a Vancouver-based provider of first aid courses for both businesses and the general public. Take a look around the site for a look at what we offer.Feel free to contact us at 604-354-6199.