"Thank you for making first aid fun, and for creating such a comfortable learning environment."  

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Here's what customers are saying about our first aid classes:  

"Great teacher! He made things interesting. I didn't look at the clock once! Marty made me feel confident in using these skills if I ever need to!" 


"Great job, I felt I learned everything I needed to help save a life."


"Thank you very much. I've done many first aid courses in the past and this was by far the best!"


"Marty kept the class engaged and kept everyone's attention with humour, stories, and examples. Instructions were well told and easy to follow. I felt very comfortable in this class and I hate classroom settings."


"Micah was a great, knowledgeable instructor, he explained everything clearly.  Furthermore he is energetic and enjoys teaching which encourage students as well."


"I enjoyed Rachel's energy! She was truly passionate about first aid and made it enjoyable."

Amanda W.

"Rachel is the best instructor I've had so far. Up beat and genuine."


"Marty is cool, professional, knowledgeable and his teaching is efficient and effective."  


 "Marty is a kind and welcoming instructor.  He has lots of knowledge and experience."


"Micah is awesome, really clear about how to do everything and goes over anything you need help on."


 "Best instructor ever! Was dreading coming in today but time flew by. Extremely fun."


"The instructor provided a relaxed environment - he was knowledgeable and provided some excellent examples of emergency situations."


 "I've taken Standard First Aid several times. This is the only time that I enjoyed it!"


"Rosa helped me learn and build on what I already know. Loved that she did not make me feel stupid when I gave wrong answers. She answered all my questions in a way I was able to learn from."


 "Marty is a knowledgeable, fun, and effective teacher. He made a 16-hour course into something remarkably fun."


"Was very impressed with the instructor and his method of teaching, great balance between seriousness and humour, which I felt made it easier to learn."


"Marty is so knowledgeable and approachable, and I had a blast! I feel that because of this training I am a lot more comfortable and confident when it comes to first aid."


"Marty, I appreciated all the stories - you were an excellent instructor and leader; intelligent/knowledgeable, fun, encouraging, and personable. Definitely the best course I have taken."


"Rachel was the best! So knowledgeable, she was relaxed & calm which set the perfect tone for learning. Pleasant, professional, & fun!"


"Clearly experienced, great attitude, excited about the material, created a comfortable learning environment."


"I appreciated Marty's excitement and passion for teaching. He made learning interesting and fun."


"Thank you! I can leave this course feeling confident about being a First Aid certified person and the course didn't give me a headache like my last First Aid course."


"Rachel was very professional - acknowledging people when they wanted to give their inputs from more advanced levels of training. Lots of relevant experiences & stories. Effective teacher."


"Rosa was friendly and engaging. She determined the knowledge of the class and set the pace accordingly."



"Not like a typical SFA course. Very fun, light, loved it, learned a lot from Marty. Will definitely tell my boss at YMCA about this course and get others to take it!" Jacqueline Nieken

"Very knowledgeable, fun, friendly, makes it easier to learn since you're not afraid to ask questions." Anonymous 

 "Just perfect! Very professional and interactive. Extremely knowledgeable." Arvinder Heer 

 "So funny, really made the class fun. I wasn't expecting to have a great weekend." Seb 

 "Professional and very willing to learn from his students and let his students learn." Anonymous 

"[Marty] was great - made the material interesting and relatable. He repeated things many times which helped us remember, but wasn't boring. Seemed very knowledgeable and overall a great teacher!" Sacha 

"Marty is very straight forward and easy to understand, yet still funny and entertaining. Awesome!" Jasmine

"Great teachers! Micah was very knowledgeable about all aspects of first aid and very kind and fun." Anonymous

"Micah made it fun and exciting, I liked that he was always helping people and making sure that everybody understood." Anonymous

"I like that Marty made an effort to speak with paramedics and pharmacists to get up to date information." Anonymous

"Marty is the best instructor I have had, I have recerted 3-4 times and he was extremely knowledgeable, kind, funny and provided a good environment." Anonymous

"Very professional and knowledgable. Made me feel comfortable even if I forgot a step" Carleigh Prasloski 

"Marty was great! Professionalism to a q, always willing to learn from students but extremely knowledgeable himself! Teaching effectiveness was great! Repetition, slow and simple teaching helped me absorb the information." Rebecca Turbic

"Fantastic. Best recert I've had in years. Great instructor, Marty knows what he's doing, and is up to date on all first aid situations for Lower Mainland first aid providers." Zach

"Marty was an excellent instructor, was very effective as a teacher, shared lots of information in a way that will stick, and made it fun." Anonymous

"Marty is fantastic, very human in his teaching. Takes care to make sure course content is clearly understood. Very professional, but light-hearted and very enjoyable. Marty is extremely knowledgeable, and always open to new info." Kinta 

"Marty, you're the best teacher! I wish I had you in schooling." Carly Chase-Smith 

"Awesome! Marty was a great teacher and made things interesting. I didn't look at the clock once! Made me feel confident in using these skills if I ever need to!" Hanna 

"Marty is warm, inviting, knowledgeable, and professional. His hands-on teaching is a great method." Chelsea

"As mentioned, Marty is a great human, lots of valuable real life examples / stories. Included everyone in demos. He helped steer students in the right direction to pass the exam." Anonymous

"Marty seems very experienced as a CPR instructor with a lot of real life stories to share. The class was engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it!" Anonymous 

"Marty is fantastic, very human in his teaching. He takes care to make sure course material is clearly understood. He is very professional,but light hearted and very enjoyable. Marty is extremely knowledgable and always open to new info." Kinta Maeda 

"Marty is very professional, I definitely recommend him and I am coming back for next time!" Anonymous

"This was my third time, best course yet! Everything was great. Marty was the best teacher!" Carly Chase-Smith 

"The instructor has a sense of humour, I would recommend this facility to other people hoping to do their first aid!" Anonymous

"Great examples, easy to follow. The instructor was awesome with getting the class involved!" Monisha Bansal 

"Marty was amazing. Great energy, obviously loves what he teaches. Made learning easy!" Christina Hall 

"Marty was amazing. Best CPR instructor I've had to date." Tara 

"Marty was great, professional, he knew the course info and was a fun teacher, which made learning effective. It was more fun to learn and easier to remember the information taught :)" Lauren Price

"Enough practice time without sitting around and waiting for the instructor to start. Other courses I have had have too much sitting around and I don't like that." Robyn 

"Marty had my attention and engaged. Really liked the fact that he knew everyones names, made it more personal. Answered all my questions. Good positive energy." Rozio Rockhill

"I really enjoyed this course, I once took a first aid course and it was super boring! This one was amazing and I will be back when my course expires!" Anonymous

"Fabulous teaching style! Marty was knowledgeable and understands the principles of learning. I taught for 36 years... I know a gifted teacher when I see one!" Linda Stone 

"Absolutely amazing! Great knowledge, and very relatable! Marty uses peoples names which is great and knows how to teach." Kasha

"Marty rocks!" Holly Samson 

"The equipment was well maintained and the location is excellent" 

"The casual approach did not distract from the importance of the info. Marty was professional and competent on all fronts, particularly in the face of distraction" Chris Stone 

"Marty had great methods of teaching, he kept it fun and used stories to relate to material. He asked people questions and encouraged participation" Julia Paul 

"Marty was entertaining, knowledgeable without being a know-it-all and very open to input form others. Good guy." Kerry Stansfield 

"Legen...wait for it... dary. Legendary." Jason Ju 

"Marty is great and one of the best instructors I've ever seen!" Jacques Kanani 

"Marty is a wonderful instructor. I never imagined a course like this could be so enjoyable and wonderful. He taught in a very friendly manner." Sandeep Chhina 

"The instructor is knowledgeable and passionate. He cares about this stuff and it's great that there are people like him teaching first aid." Anonymous 

"Marty is laid-back, easy going and takes a fun approach to instructions. He uses stories and youtube videos and has a clear and precise voice" David KH Lo

"Marty's great! Nice that it doesn't just feel like a classroom setting. He asks us for answers and involves us. Marty is also funny! Heather

"Marty was top-notch, professional, fun, and could answer any questions." Michael

"To put it in one word? Marty was AWESOME, I had a good time learning." Anusha

"Knowledgeable, passionate...Marty cares about this stuff and it's great that there are people like him teaching First Aid." Anonymous

"I'm a foreigner. But my instructor (Marty) is so kind and tried to speak slowly, so I would understand the course. Thank you so much!" Yeram Son 

"The instructor - Marty was perfect! He was funny, knowledgeable and had tons of experiences. He shared some good stories and his learning style was very effective: Lea Johnston 

"Excellent - been taking first aid for 30+ years. Marty was one of the best instructors and most effective." Miriam 

"Marty was very professional and funny. This was the first time in the last 15 years that I enjoyed a first aid course." Anonymous

"Thank you so much for teaching me everything that I needed to know and for making it a really relaxed and fun experience as well. See you soon!" Erika Brewer

 "Marty, thank you for your professionalism, compassion and understanding with my two previous cancellations of the course. It has been a challenging time - but the course and laughter has lifted my spirits. Both my husband and I are extremely grateful. Thank you and blessings!" Shannon

 "The class is so much fun, I learned a lot and realized the value of saving lives and being prepared for any incident. Thank you!" Chona

 "Great group these past two days, but Marty definitely made the class! Thanks for a great experience. Anonymous

 "Fun, informative and the instructor made the class very enjoyable. A fantastic day and I am recertified for 3 more years! Thank you Marty!" Angie 

"I'd give him a 10/10 for sure. Best first aid class I've had" Carson

"Perfect pace-loved the introduction of a topic, repetition and practice for each activity" Vikki 

"Equipment was great-lots of different equipment to practice with! Location was great-Good space, easily accessible" Anonymous 

"It was fun! by far the best recert I've taken so far" Katie 

"It wasn't boring! it was fun and enjoyable" Anonymous

"If you need certification, this is the place to do it" Andre Stroud 

"I'd say that it is just perfect. Nothing to improve" Angelo Ferraro 

"Instructor judged pace by our knowledge...able to go over everything many times" Jessica Scarrow

"Everything was wonderful. I learnt lots and I would recommend Marty in a heart beat. Very enjoyable Class" 

"I really enjoyed learning in your class. I had a lot of fun and learned many new and interesting things that I had not learnt in my previous CPR Class. I loved the great knowledge I was given and your teaching skills were very effective" Jessica Naidu 

"Instructor was top notch, very knowledgeable, high energy, engaging and committed" Chuck

"Everything was just awesome. I am left with smiles!" Kristen McNamee

"Very patient, wonderful & knowledgeable instructor. His teaching style is very effective as he ensure full participation and clarification for each student equally" Vanessa Roberts

"Amazing! Best instructor I've had" Michelle Cuthbert

"The ease at which the instructor taught the course. Very fun and educational. My funnest first aid course yet!" Kiran Munne

"I am so happy that I met Marty. He is very well skilled and friendly. I'll recommend him to my other friends for sure" Maryam Zioei

"First aid never felt so relaxed and successful" Anonymous 

 "Everything I would want in an instructor. Made this experience enjoyable" Ellena Chaplin

"Marty was  awesome! so knowledgeable & kept a steady pace with variety of learning methods" Bridget Leeson 

"It was great! I wish that I could have stayed longer" Margret Fix 

"Excellent-best facility I've trained at so far" Katie Fox

"The teaching was fantastic! 10/10 awesome! very impressed" Ben Morley Senkler 

"Great atmosphere.  Much more enjoyable than any other course that I've taken.  Stories and videos really added to the overall experience.  Teacher was funny and entertaining."  Teaghan Evans 

"By far the best CPR dummies I have used.  It was very interesting, with many good stories."  Josh Chen

"I was just browsing looking for an Emergency First Aid course and I came across Life Preservers.  I am so glad that I did! I didn't think it would be so enjoyable. I had loads of fun and Marty was great. I definitely think we had enough practice for all of the CPR choking situations. The equipment was great and easy to use. Marty is extremely nice and a great teacher. I thought the course was well priced."  Ravnit Grewal 

"Instructor was kind and clear. I loved the simulations as well as the real life video examples.  Very helpful." Benjamin Milner 

"Marty was very direct and right to the point. Wonderful location and easy to find".  Greg Day 

"Awesome course! Thanks for making it so fun, quick and effective.  I now feel confident in Emergency situations" Jared Curwin 

"Excellent.  This was the most practical time at a course yet.  Very well done and Top Notch!"  Ross Ballard

"What I enjoyed most about this course was the Instructor --> super passionate, funny, encouraging, relaxed and pretty straight forward.  He was Awesome!  Has a real passion for this and I can't wait to be back for the OFA course".  Natasha Pirani 

"Instructor was very professional and friendly.  He was encouraging and effective." Melanie Caron

"Such an awesome teacher, very professional." Inhui Nam

"What a guy!" Personable, knowledgeable, pleasant and full of stories"  Max Lindley Pearl 

"It was a good pace, and the equipment really helped with the learning process.  Location is excellent.  Marty is the most amazing instructor ever.  I have recommended Life Preservers First Aid Training to my friends".  Gian Carlo Canonizado

"Marty is an awesome instructor, he taught everything patiently in a very professional manner,  He has good knowledge about the subject and I truly enjoyed his teaching.  Everybody needs to know about First Aid and I proudly recommend Life Preservers First Aid Training to all my friends." Marjan Khanamidi

"Very captivating - stories of actual situations made content easy to relate to." Jennifer Tuly 

"Marty was very professional, funny, informative, and I've learned a lot from him." Natasha