Life Preservers First Aid Inc.

WCB Level I - First Aid Kit with Foil Tent

Included content in padded nylon bag:

  • 24   Antiseptic Towelettes (14cm x 19cm, individually packaged)
  • 60   Hand Cleansing Towelettes (individually packaged)
  • 100 Sterile Adhesive Dressings (assorted sizes, individualy packaged)
  • 12  10 x 10cm Sterile Gauze Dressing (individually packaged)
  • 4    10 x 16.5cm Sterile Pressure Dressings with crepe ties
  • 2    7.5cm x 4.5m Crepe Roller Bandages
  • 1    2.5cm x 4.5m Adhesive Tape
  • 4    20 x 25cm Sterile Abdominal Dressings (individually packaged)
  • 6   Triangular Bandages
  • 4   Safety Pins
  • 1   14cm Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors
  • 1   11.5cm Stainless Steel Silver Forceps
  • 12  Cotton Tipped Applicators
  • 1   Pocket Mast with one-way valve
  • 6   Pair Medical Gloves

About Life Preservers First Aid Inc.

Life Preservers First Aid Inc. is a Vancouver-based provider of first aid courses for both businesses and the general public. Take a look around the site for a look at what we offer.Feel free to contact us at 604-354-6199.