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CPR Pocket Mask

This CPR Pocket Mask is versatile and can be used on any adult, child or infant. It is designed to fit the needs of any emergency care provider / first aider in a variety of situations.  It offers great hygiene benefits to the person performing the rescue.
The white case that contains the CPR pocket mask includes several features making this mask superior to others. This mask shapes easily to the face of an adult, child or infant due to the mask having a soft contoured vinyl cuff. The dome of the mask is also transparent allowing the rescuer to view the victim’s mouth for lip color and any secretions. This mask is FDA approved and 510K approved allowing the rescuer to know that this is the right tool for them to use for emergencies.
The ready to use kit prevents direct mouth-to-mouth contact with victims allowing the rescuer to ensure their own health is ensured.
Included in the kit is a CPR pocket mask, a pair of sanitized gloves and some alcohol wipes.

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